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Although Mourinho abandoned

Le 6 November 2017, 08:20 dans Humeurs 0

Although Mourinho abandoned, but the German star on social networking sites also made a statement, "As long as the team needs, he was ready at any time Markus Hannikainen Jersey." Visible, pig still eager to prove himself at Manchester United, but in the lower back position, Manchester United's configuration is good, Boge Ba, Fellaini is currently the main force, while Shinaidelin and Herrera also very competitive. Mourinho should be given on whether Schweinsteiger chance to prove himself, "Daily Mirror" conducted a survey, the results showed that 79% of fans think should be given the opportunity to pig, and only 21% of fans I think Mourinho should continue to abandoned German star. This summer, Manchester United crazy hit 8900 million pounds to sign the Boge Ba, who was Mourinho high hopes. However, Boge Ba came to Manchester United after the performance disappointing, its worth significantly less than his contribution in the field. Feyenoord with a war, Boge Ba again in the doldrums, Manchester United away 0-1 defeat. After the game, Mourinho said Scholes in the use of Boge Ba is a problem, ginger head think Mourinho should let Michael Carrick and Boge Ba partner, rather than Fellaini. In addition, Scholes believes Manchester United lose is not a disaster, it was just a group match. Scholes pointed out that due to a downturn in Boge Ba Bo Geba in Manchester United starting the game, he had companions around are Fellaini. The game, Mike Mussina rotation of Fellaini and arrange Shinaidelin Boge Ba and midfield partner, the effect is still poor. Scholes commented: "I would like to see become a partner Bo Geba in Carrick Juventus during Boge Ba around you need a type of control the midfield Zachary Werenski Jersey, while Michael Carrick apparently have. such capabilities Blue Jackets Jerseys Cheap. when the effectiveness of Juve, Boge Ba surrounded by Pirlo Gabriel Carlsson Jersey, Mike Mussina probably should buy a similar player Andrea Pirlo in the winter window. now, Boge Ba on the pitch I do not know their place, just unnecessary run move, he should do better, I believe that sooner or later this day would come. "European Cup carried out in the morning F group 1 round group match, the Austrian team rapid Vienna home 3-2 victory over Henry from Belgium g.

Real Madrid star C Lo become the world

Le 6 November 2017, 08:20 dans Humeurs 0

Real Madrid star C Lo become the world's largest number of fans of social media men Cam Atkinson Jersey, the number of his fans after Taylor - Swift, ranked the world's first 3 . The number of fans by adding major mainstream social media, Romanian President in the global total of 2.38 Yi fans. He is also the former this list of 5 names only one man, and several others were Taylor - Swift ( 2.19 million), Katie - Perry ( 2.19 million), Selena - Gomez ( 2.05 million) and Rihanna ( 1.9 million). C Luo social media maintained a high frequency of updates, the content is all-inclusive, which is an important reason for his popularity. His image of the sun up, let him get many fans from around the world are welcome. Before this list of 20 people Zachary Werenski Jersey, there are 13 bits from the music scene 12 are women. In fact, this list at the forefront of basic possess the following qualities: American, entertainers, women, and this underscores the C Lo is not easy, as representatives of the sports sector. FIFA announced the latest one the national team rankings, Argentina and Belgium remain before 2 name, and Germany overtake Colombia as the world's first 3 , while Spain dropped out of the world's top 10 . Correa Yangtianchangtan, and Bi Zuote very innocently spread his hands not explain himself to the effect. Oolong simply because this turf uneven, resulting in a sudden bounce football, the greatest responsibility defender or goalkeeper who is not. The Genk in the game there is a wonderful own goal to help the opponent to expand the lead and eventually win. It was the race to the first 60 minutes, and Rapid Vienna before the forward pass, Correa promptly at Genk defender off the ball, then return goalkeeper. The return force Correa unhappy little ball, Genk goalkeeper Bi Zuote can calmly Josh Anderson Jersey. But ready right foot Feet siege in Bizuo Te, football at his feet suddenly bounced up, then slowly rolled into the goal. Such an own goal to make the whole team Genk is simply incredible, and the two parties and Bizuo Te Kore are also forced to look ignorant Markus Nutivaara Jersey. As for me, I am always reluctant to see Guardiola's team win.

Boge Ba as a broker

Le 6 November 2017, 08:19 dans Humeurs 0

Boge Ba as a broker, such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Balotelli football star, football Layiaola know a lot of facts, but his remarks are always people care about Pierre-Luc Dubois Jersey. Recently, he again stunned the world in an interview. First, he exposed a Mengliao about Ibrahimovic. "In Ferrara's testimonial, Ibrahimovic told me he wanted to retire in Naples. Naples Ibrahimovic want it or not? That I can not say, because all Serie A teams are too poor to feed Ibrahimovic, but he does have a part of Naples's heart. As for Higuain deal, I can not even presumably to 9000 million euros of his sale price Joonas Korpisalo Jersey, this is definitely a good deal. sold and then regret it, but never better than not selling hit in the hand. " For the future of the bar of God, Layiaola said he did not want to see the bar of God play in Serie A, because the people here are not friendly to him. However, this is a huge challenge himself against the bar of God, make him eager to go home away from home. Finally, the reporter let him predict the next winning prospects of the Premier League and Serie A, Layiaola said: "I do not know who will win, but I hope not Manchester City, Manchester United lost to Manchester City for nothing, the Red Devils will certainly come back John Ramage Jersey. " A time when the Mid-Autumn Festival, the European team for this Chinese festival is more and more attention, the Spanish giants Barcelona on a video posted on the official platform, send blessings to the Chinese fans. Barcelona Chinese official website wrote: "Another year to the Mid-Autumn Festival, Barcelona gifts from well-prepared to face and to prepare stuffing baked Artemi Panarin Jersey, all in secret at the Nou Camp, Barcelona team logo engraved print moon cake, you want to eat it.? "I do not know what is the Spanish style moon cake taste, to really taste it. In fact, as early as 2012 years Mid-Autumn Festival, when Barcelona had let the players enjoy moon cake by the way, offer holiday greetings to the Chinese fans.

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